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7822805Method And Apparatus For Screening A Potential Costumer And Assigning An Account Number To The Potential Customer Across A Global Computer Network
7774211Method And System For Graphically Displaying Consolidated Condition Data For Equipment In A Host Facility
7739725Method And System To Grant Indefinite Use Of Software Options Resident On A Device
7634645Method And System To Request Remotely Enabled Access
7546612Method Of Integrating X Window Intrinsics Based Toolkits And Widgets With Java
7421650Method And System For Publishing Electronic Media To A Document Management System
7421516System And Method For Multi-Vendor Authentication To Remotely Activate A Software-Based Option
7420370Method And Apparatus Of Echo Planar Imaging With Real-Time Determination Of Phase Correction Coefficients
7383358System And Method For Remote Servicing Of In-Field Product
7268548System And Method For Reducing Auditory Perception Of Noise Associated With A Medical Imaging Process
7219222Method and System to Grant Access to Software Options Resident on a Medical Imaging Device
7203704Method and Apparatus of Cross-Pollinating a Post to Computerized Bulletin Boards
7199331Backup Control For Welding-Type Device Remote Control And Method Of Use
7176684Method and System of Determining In-Plane Motion in Propeller Data
7138800Method and apparatus for vibration-related artifact reduction
7127032X-ray detector having an accelerometer
7117125System and method for proactive motor wellness diagnosis based on potential mechanical faults
7113894System and method for coordinated remote activation of multiple software-based options
7109710Method and apparatus to improve signal-to-noise ratio without compromising field-of-view for simultaneous MR data acquisition by an array of RF coils of an MR scanner
7078900Method and system of determining parameters for MR data acquisition with real-time B.sub.1 optimization
7076091Algebraic reconstruction of images from non-equidistant data
7076029Method and apparatus of radiographic imaging with an energy beam tailored for a subject to be scanned
7075302Method and apparatus to generate an RF excitation consistent with a desired excitation profile using a transmit coil array
7075301Method and apparatus to reduce RF power deposition during MR data acquisition
7075299Method and apparatus to correct amplitude modulation in multi-echo magnetic resonance imaging
7068751System and method of determining a center of mass of an imaging subject for x-ray flux management control
7068750System and method of x-ray flux management control
7064544Method and system of scaling MR spectroscopic data acquired with phased-array coils
6961455Automatic coil selection of multi-receiver MR data using fast prescan data analysis
6959106Method and apparatus for detecting low contrast object in a diagnostic image
6934356System and method for dynamic generation of a single user interface for displaying and entry of medical imaging configuration data
6904127System and method of medical imaging having default noise index override capability
6903548Method and apparatus for MR perfusion image acquisition using non-selective and notched RF saturation pulses
6897655Moving table MRI with frequency-encoding in the z-direction
6891374Moving table MRI with frequency-encoding in the z-direction
6889071Acquisition of high-temporal free-breathing MR images
6858818Automatic wire feed control for a welding system
6855914Method and apparatus to automatically determine type of gun connected to a wire feeder
6853189Method and system of quantitatively assessing diffusion characteristics in a tissue
6836529Method and apparatus of CT imaging with voltage modulation
6829704Method and system to automatically activate software options upon initialization of a device
6819108Method of magnetic field controlled shimming
6724923Automatic coil selection of multi-receiver MR data using fast prescan data analysis
6721386Method and apparatus of cardiac CT imaging using ECG and mechanical motion signals
6720529Autothread control for a wire feeder of a welding system
6714807Magnetic resonance imaging system
6709240Method and apparatus of detecting low flow/cavitation in a centrifugal pump
6707300Gradient non-linearity compensation in moving table MRI
6707001Method and apparatus of voltage protection for a welding-type device
6694367Communication connectivity initialization and verification system and method of use
6687327System and method of medical imaging having task and/or patient size dependent processing
6680995Method and apparatus of determining and displaying a helical artifact index
6671611Method and apparatus for identifying parameters of an engine component for assembly and programming
6665820Method and system for communications connectivity failure diagnosis
6643534Optimal imaging of the peripheral vasculature with test bolus tracking
6628116Process and apparatus to remove stimulated echo artifacts caused by interactions of a preparation sequence with a gradient echo sequence in MR imaging
6625252Emergency vehicle with medical image scanner and teleradiology system
6620374Induction heat-treating of threaded fasteners with a rotary conveyor
6615160Methods and apparatus for engine diagnostics
6611771Method and apparatus to detect a stator turn fault in an AC motor
6609115Method and apparatus for limited online access to restricted documentation
6603989T2 contrast in magnetic resonance imaging with gradient echoes
6597762Method and apparatus of lesion detection and validation based on multiple reviews of a CT image
6590392Switchable FOV coil assembly having end saddle coils
6580937Method for optimal imaging of the peripheral vasculature emphasizing distal arterial visualization in a multi-station examination
6567253Apparatus to sense a silicon controlled rectifier short circuit
6564081Method and apparatus of MR data acquisition using ensemble sampling
6563315Gradient coil apparatus and method of micro-imaging
6549843Diagnostic system and method to temporarily adjust fuel quantity delivered to a fuel injected engine
6529580Explosion bonded anode stem of an x-ray tube assembly
6522713In-room start scan sequence control and method of imaging using same
6522094Motor overload coil control and method of calculating operating temperature
6516282Predictive thermal control used with a vacuum enclosed coil assembly of a magnetic resonance imaging device
6507753Method and Apparatus to Detect Acute Cardiac Syndromes in Specified Groups of Patients Using ECG
6507749Method and Apparatus for Tracking the Motion of Fluid and Determining a Velocity Spectrum Thereof From MR Data Acquired in a Single Cycle
6505595Method and Apparatus for Controlling Ignition During Engine Startup
6498946Efficient Multi-Slice Acquisition with Black Blood Contrast in Fast Spin Echo Imaging
6493569Method and Apparatus Using Post Contrast-Enhanced Steady-State Free Precession in MR Imaging
6487436Switchable Field of View Apparatus and Method for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
6469505Method and apparatus to reduce perturbation field effects in MR images by restricting the region of interest
6459755Method and apparatus for administering low dose CT scans
6425864Method and apparatus for optimal imaging of the peripheral vasculature
6394153Control method and apparatus to detect the presence of a first object and monitor a relative position of the first or subsequent objects such as
6377831Real-time MR image subtraction and reconstruction
6360161Method and system for fuel injector coefficient installation
6351122MRI reconstruction using scan-specific partial echo and partial NEX data acquisitions and a network
6317620Method and apparatus for rapid assessment of stenosis severity
6297607Thermal compensation control for a motor starter
6294888Frequent start protection and economizer control for a motor starter
6292683Method and apparatus for tracking motion in MR images
6265875Method and apparatus for efficient MRI tissue differentiation
6227265Control method and apparatus to detect the presence of a first object and monitor a relative position of the first or subsequent objects such as
6208139System and method of phase sensitive MRI reconstruction using partial k-space data
6208100Motor overload coil control
6198283System and method of phase sensitive MRI reconstruction using partial k-space data and including a network
6163152Method and system for correcting errors in MR images due to regions of gradient non-uniformity for parametric imaging such as quantitative flow
6122153Temperature protection control for a motor starter
6082419Control method and apparatus to detect the presence of a first object and monitor a relative position of the first or subsequent objects such as
6078033Multi-zone induction heating system with bidirectional switching network
6067465System and method for detecting and tracking reference position changes with linear phase shift in magnetic resonance imaging
6046447Triangulation position detection with fill level control
6016057System and method for improved water and fat separation using a set of low resolution MR images
5844807Automated system and method for optimizing and palletizing articles
5777835Third phase reconstruction from a two current transformer sensor with three-phase true RMS and phase loss determination capabilities
5744793Triangulation position-detection and integrated dispensing valve
5656005Method and apparatus for automatically forming corrugated sheets into block-shaped units of optimal size
5573041Dispenser control with ultrasonic position detection
5561598Adaptive control system with selectively constrained output and adaptation
5481517Track jump control means for a disk apparatus
5440570Real-time binary BCH decoder
5430739Real-time Reed-Solomon decoder