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Mechanical Patents

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9200421Full Metal Jacket Compaction Wheel Cleat And Method Of Manufacturing Thereof
9185981Cabinetry System Having Removable Cabinet Faces
9185980Cabinetry System Having Removable Cabinet Faces
9139974Underwater Compressed Fluid Energy Storage System
9125492Cabinetry System Having Removable Cabinet Faces
9089210Service Trolley
9080339Structural Connection Mechanisms For Providing Discontinuous Elastic Behavior In Structural Framing Systems
9022692System For Underwater Compressed Fluid Energy Storage And Method Of Deploying Same
8994320System And Method For Controlling Regenerating Energy In An Adjustable Speed Drive
8988035System For Determing A Magnetizing Curve And Rotor Resistance Of An Induction Machine And Method Of Making Same
8917187Multi-Function Flare Device For Populated Areas
8855839Fuel Tank Assembly And Method Of Use
8696239Full Metal Jacket Compaction Wheel Cleat And Method Of Manufacturing Thereof
8676356System And Method For Motor Parameter Estimation
8673072Crystal Grower With Integrated Litz Coil
8632332Vertical Concrete Form With Removable Forming Panels
8622734System And Method For Forming A Shoe Sole
8600590Auxiliary Power Unit Assembly And Method Of Use
8587906Photovoltaic System Including Hybrid BI-Directional DC Contactors And Method Of Detection And Isolation Of Faults Therein
8542800Asynchronous Motor With Features Creating Magnetic Field Disturbance
8484857Component For Axially Aligning Two Shafts Through Intermediary Materials
D686641Compaction Cleat Assembly
8421397System And Method For Fast Start-Up Of An Induction Motor
8419424Functional Orthodontic Appliance With An Extraoral Device
8405339System And Method For Detecting Fault In An AC Machine
83854992D Reflector And Collimator Structure And Method Of Manufacturing Thereof
8384338System And Method For Determining Stator Winding Resistance In An AC Motor Using Motor Drives
7849886Unified Conduit Array
7847580System And Method For Motor Fault Detection Using Stator Current Noise Cancellation
7800888Motor Control Center Subunit Having Visible Contact Disconnection And Method Of Manufacture
7798125Method And System For Closed Loop Combustion Control Of A Lean-Burn Reciprocating Engine Using Ionization Detection
7798124Method And System For Closed Loop Combustion Control Of A Lean-Burn Reciprocating Engine Using Ionization Detection
7777516System And Method For Bearing Fault Detection Using Stator Current Noise Cancellation
7762902Rotary Game Table
7705601Method And Apparatus For Monitoring Wellness Of Contactors and Starters
7688572Motor Control Center Subunit Having Moveable Line Contacts And Method of Manufacture
7684199Free-Wheeling Clutch For A Motor Control Center Subunit Having Movable Line Contacts
7659108Fermenter Comprising An Agitator
7658187Adjustable Stone Cutting Guide System
7635009Unified Conduit Array
7632350Crystal Grower With Integrated Litz Coil
7596913Multi-Passage Guide System
7584770Integrated Product Filler
7575240Collapsible Game Table
7490910Adjustable Pneumatic Armrest For A Chair
7465902Wire Feed Control Assembly
7465901Power Cord System For Welding-Type Devices
7456373Welder With Front Mount Fan
7452171Welding Stud
7449660Portable Wire Feed System For A Welder
7429712Gas System For Welding-Type Devices
7423238Gas System For Wire Feeding Devices
7422452Power Plug Adapter
7411154Control Panel For A Welding-Type Apparatus
7411153Removable Panels For A Welding-Type Machine Enclosure
7411149Inverter Powered Plasma Cutting System With Fixed Gas Flow Control
7411147Gas Bottle For Welding-Type Devices
7387299Collapsible Game Table
7381925Torch Connection Detection System And Method
7381924Method And Apparatus To Adaptively Cool A Welding-Type System
7381922Method And Apparatus For Remotely Controlling A Welding System
7377825High-Power Electrical Quick Connector
7375305System For Assembling Welding Apparatus
7355141Welder With Integrated Regulator
7354050Swing-Away Stair Assembly
7346475System And Method For Proactive Motor Wellness Diagnosis Based On Potential Mechanical Faults
7339135Welding Arc Stabilization Process
7336455System And Method For Proactive Motor Wellness Diagnosis
7335854Method And System Of Determining Wire Feed Speed
7329834Method And Apparatus To Automatically Determine Type Of Gun Connected To A Wire Feeder
7329833System For Improved High-Frequency Arc Starting Of A Welding Process
7328535Pivotable Interlock Block Connector
7326879Apparatus For A Welding Machine Having A Cooling Assembly Mounted To A Mid-Plane Baffle For Improved Cooling Within The Welding Machine
7323659System And Method Of Precise Wire Feed Control In A Welder
7317264Method And Apparatus To Independently Control Contactors In A Multiple Contactor Configuration
7316506Temperature Indicator Stick Holder
7305814Safety Arrester Cable
7301124System And Method For Coordinating Wire Feeder Motor Operation
7301122Inline Spark Gap Assembly
7297899Operating Parameter Dependent Variable Output Welding-Type Apparatus
7288740Welding Device Having Multiple Protective Covers And Connection Paths
7280019Single Coil Solenoid Having A Permanent Magnet With Bi-Directional Assist
7261522Fluid Manifold For A Welder
7224557Method and System of Controlling Asynchronous Contactors for a Multi-Phase Electric Load
7205503Remotely Controlled Welding Machine
7190759Support Structure For Z-Extensible CT Detectors and Methods of Making Same
7183517Portable Welding-Type Apparatus with Interchangeable Energy Storage Device
7180029Method and System For A Remote Wire Feeder Where Standby Power and System Control Are Provided Via Weld Cables
7177387Self-Aligning Scintillator-Collimator Assembly
7173425Method And Apparatus To Generate A Circular Polarized RF Field Independent Of Subject Asymmetry
7167539Thermal Sensing Detector Cell For A Computed Tomography System And Method Of Manufacturing Same
7162975Shade For Hummingbird Feeder
7161111Plasma Torch Having A Quick-Connect Retaining Cup
7135864System and method of elliptically driving an MRI Coil
7123482Levers for support of heatsink component
7119450Fuel saving engine driven aircraft ground power device and method of use
7105968Magnetic transmission
6963216Method and apparatus for detecting shorted rectifying control elements of an engine driven power source for welding-type system
6960043Method and apparatus to extend and retract a temperature indicator stick
6957456Bed lift
6956728Method and apparatus to control modular asynchronous contactors
6956375Magnetic resonance imaging magnetic field generator
6955011Basement window shield with integrated vent
6954131Electrical reactor assembly having center taps
6953935CT detector fabrication process
6943654Method and apparatus to control modular asynchronous contactors
6939237Pool cue having attachable weight
6934354Collimator assembly having multi-piece components
6933693Method and apparatus of detecting disturbances in a centrifugal pump
6933465Screw air compressor for a welder
6932023Collapsible shade for feeder assembly
6909283Method and system to regulate cooling of a medical imaging device
6888099Wind tunnel for a welding power supply housing
6883540Fluid manifold for a welder
6870131Mounting receptacle for welding apparatus component
6864777Welding power supply transformer
6861586Electrical shield for a welding apparatus
6858818Automatic wire feed control for a welding system
6857777Dual temperature indicator stick holder
6855914Method and apparatus to automatically determine type of gun connected to a wire feeder
6840019Method and apparatus to achieve consistent spacing between layers of modular construction
6831838Circuit board assembly for welding power supply
6814659Louver configuration for welding apparatus
6809286Shielding gas filter for welding apparatus
6720529Autothread control for a wire feeder of a welding system
6720527Power cord for a welding-type power supply
6709240Method and apparatus of detecting low flow/cavitation in a centrifugal pump
6707004Apparatus for securing a power cable from a power source to a wire feeder
6707001Method and apparatus of voltage protection for a welding-type device
6707000Consumables storage box
6694929Water-cooled engine control
6682380Marine engine cooling systems and methods
6674046Screw air compressor for a welder
6671611Method and apparatus for identifying parameters of an engine component for assembly and programming
6669112Air assisted spray system with an improved air cap
6659723Fan for an engine driven generator
6656004Tilt-trim subsystem for boats using a stern drive system
6652332Reverse gate for water jet propulsion system
6649869Method and system for welding with paralleled power supplies
6648703Convertible outboard motor tiller arm and motor incorporating same
6648698Grounding tab for a welding apparatus
6644250Engine oiling system and an oil system distribution manifold, and method of use
6638122Electric marine propulsion employing switched reluctance motor drive
6626381Multi-port fuel injection nozzle and system and method incorporating same
6612619Quick coupler retention clip and method
6611189Welding power supply transformer
6609939Marine engine mounting assembly
6609892Propeller hub
6607410Single cylinder tilt-trim assembly for boats using a stern drive system
6607361Pumping method and device
6604505Method and apparatus for controlling the ignition point in internal combustion engines
6604494Water-cooled engine control
6595814Watercraft fuel supply apparatus and method
6590184Rack assembly support for welding machine
6585546Methods and apparatus for retaining a propshaft support bearing housing in a gear case
6585545Shielded tilt-trim subsystem for boats using a stern drive system
6585224Outboard motor rack system and related method of use
6583355Bladder insert for encapsulant displacement
6561859Marine engine steering arm yoke and trunnion assembly
6558213High performance engine skeg
6558211Low-profile steering nozzle for water jet propulsion system
6554663Marine stern drive two-speed transmission
6553737Method and apparatus to achieve consistent spacing between layers of modular construction material
6549843Diagnostic system and method to temporarily adjust fuel quantity delivered to a fuel injected engine
6548925Molded Flywheel Magnet Cage
6484706Nonadjustable throttle linkage and internal combustion engine employing same
6478642Oil system with replaceable oil filter for two-cycle engines
6477992Oiling system
6473486System and method of computed tomography imaging using a focused scintillator and method of manufacturing
6453877Fuel delivery system using two pressure regulators with a single electric fuel pump
6435146Engine oiling distribution system for purging air and method of use
6431199Vent control system
6422255Multi-function valve having a movable seat and needle
6422207Fuel vapor separator
6416373Oil system vent with remote oil reservoir
6416367Shift linkage
6414267Method and apparatus for control of a welding power source
6394861Oil system and housing with periodic oil diversion
6377143Weld-free contact system for electromagnetic contactors
6351113Integrated soft starter for electric motor
6318344Dead-headed fuel delivery system using a single fuel pump
6297717Contactor with floating armature
6295036Retainer for supporting a device on a mounting surface and method for mounting a device on a mounting surface
6294915Interior alignment light for open magnet MRI
6286659Motorized conveyor pulley
6173834Transparent dart case having unitary construction
6140896Electro-mechanical reversing contactor with a single, common base
6121862Magnetic flux concentrator shield for use in overload relay
6087800Integrated soft starter for electric motor
6086482Billiard accessories combination and package construction
6073931Folding backboard for receiving a dart board thereon
6064289Electromagnetic contactor with overload relay
5983769Apparatus for high capacity rotary cheese shredding
5959517Fault current tolerable contactor
5900552Inwardly directed wave mode ultrasonic transducer, gas analyzer, and method of use and manufacture
5836878Head restraint method and apparatus for use in MRI
5584915Apparatus for preventing sparking in a high voltage electrical precipitator