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Electrical Patents

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8704610Apparatus For Improving Grounding For An Electrical Component And Method Of Making Same
8638531Hybrid BI-Directional DC Contactor And Method Of Controlling Thereof
8587906Photovoltaic System Including Hybrid BI-Directional DC Contactors And Method Of Detection And Isolation Of Faults Therein
8587240Operationally Dependent Filtering For Soft Starter Current Measurements
8566056System And Method Of Speed Detection In An AC Induction Machine
8537518Remote Operation Of A Motor Control Center Subunit Disconnect
8497761System And Method For Remotely Controlling Docking Station Components
8482369Single Switch Dump Resistor Ladder Network For Magnet Quench Protection
8421397System And Method For Fast Start-Up Of An Induction Motor
8405339System And Method For Detecting Fault In An AC Machine
8384338System and Method For Determining Stator Winding Resistance in An AC Motor Using Motor Drives
7881430Automatic Bus Management
7777516System And Method For Bearing Fault Detection Using Stator Current Noise Cancellation
7684199Free-Wheeling Clutch For A Motor Control Center Subunit Having Movable Line Contacts
7468595System And Method Of Controlling The Start-Up Of An Adjustable
7383233Method Of Designing An Electronic Transaction System
7339135Welding Arc Stabilization Process
7336455System And Method For Proactive Motor Wellness Diagnosis
7317264Method And Apparatus To Independently Control Contactors In A Multiple Contactor Configuration
7315231Electrical Reactor Assembly Having Center Taps
7309989Wireless RF Coil Power Supply
7298133Magnetic Flux Concentrator Anti-Differential Current Sensor With Flux Concentrating Recesses
7297899Operating Parameter Dependent Variable Output Welding-Type Apparatus
7282661Apparatus For Detecting Connection Of A Welded Stud To A Stud Welding Gun
7280019Single Coil Solenoid Having A Permanent Magnet With Bi-Directional Assist
7265547Method And Apparatus For Acquiring MR Data With A Segmented Multi-Shot Radial Fan Beam Encoding Order
7265319Multifunction Meter For Welding Apparatus
7265318System And Method For Variable Hot Start Of A Welding-Type Device
7259546Temperature Compensating Integrated Anti-Differential Current Sensing System
7250748Integrated Anti-Differential Current Sensing System
7247814System And Method For Data Communications Over A Gas Hose In A Welding-Type Application
7231319System and Method for Proactive Motor Wellness Diagnosis Based on Potential Cavitation Faults
7224557Method and System of Controlling Asynchronous Contactors for a Multi-Phase Electric Load
7211764Engine Driven Welder/Generator with High Power Accessory Output Operable at Lower Engine Speeds
7209778Embedded Thermal Control System For High Field MR Scanners
7208699Spool Gun Having Unitary Shielding Gas And Weld Power Connector
7205503Remotely Controlled Welding Machine
7199331Backup Control For Welding-Type Device Remote Control And Method Of Use
7196434Modular Contactor Assembly Having Independently Controllable Contractors (should be Contactors)
7186944Method and Apparatus For Autodetection of Plasma Torch Consumables
7183517Portable Welding-Type Apparatus with Interchangeable Energy Storage Device
7180029Method and System For A Remote Wire Feeder Where Standby Power and System Control Are Provided Via Weld Cables
7176684Method and System of Determining In-Plane Motion in Propeller Data
7167539Thermal Sensing Detector Cell For A Computed Tomography System And Method Of Manufacturing Same
7157898Magnetic Flux Concentrator Anti-Differential Current Sensing Topology
7149278Method and System of Dynamically Controlling Shaping Time of a Photon Counting Energy-Sensitive Radiation Detector to Accommodate Variations in Incident Radiation Flux Levels
7138800Method and apparatus for vibration-related artifact reduction
7135864System and method of elliptically driving an MRI Coil
7123482Levers For Support of Heatsink Component
7117125System and method for proactive motor wellness diagnosis based on potential mechanical faults
7115834Method and apparatus of electronic selection of an output mode of a welding power source
7110488X-ray generator and slip ring for a CT system
7075327System and method for proactive motor wellness diagnosis
6963216Method and apparatus for detecting shorted rectifying control elements of an engine driven power source for welding-type system
6956728Method and apparatus to control modular asynchronous contactors
6956374Method and apparatus to reduce RF power in high field MR imaging incorporating multi-phase RF pulse flip angles
6954131Electrical reactor assembly having center taps
6943654Method and apparatus to control modular asynchronous contactors
6919723Method and apparatus to automatically maintain loop isolation in position variant MRI coils
6649869Method and system for welding with paralleled power supplies
6613176Method of arranging multilayer passive electronic components
6611771Method and apparatus to detect a stator turn fault in an AC motor
6604505Method and apparatus for controlling the ignition point in internal combustion engines
6603097Method and apparatus for controlling engine speed of a welding generator
6567253Apparatus to sense a silicon controlled rectifier short circuit
6522094Motor overload coil control and method of calculating operating temperature
6487436Switchable field of view apparatus and method for magnetic resonance imaging
6480563System and method of aligning scintillator crystalline structures for computed tomography imaging
6480562Apparatus and method of converting electromagnetic energy directly to electrons for computed tomography imaging
6473486System and method of computed tomography imaging using a focused scintillator and method of manufacturing
6437302Interruptible variable frequency power supply and load matching circuit, and method of design
6414267Method and apparatus for control of a welding power source
6394153Control method and apparatus to detect the presence of a first object and monitor a relative position of the first or subsequent objects such as container identification and product fill control
6351113Integrated soft starter for electric motor
6297607Thermal compensation control for a motor starter
6294888Frequent start protection and economizer control for a motor starter
6259372Self-powered wireless transducer
6255634Transverse flux heating coil and method of use
6227265Control method and apparatus to detect the presence of a first object and monitor a relative position of the first or subsequent objects such as container identification and product fill control
6208100Motor overload coil control
6130488Switching filter producing a low impedance control input on a high impedance input line for discriminating false control signals
6122153Temperature protection control for a motor starter
6121862Magnetic flux concentrator shield for use in overload relay
6082419Control method and apparatus to detect the presence of a first object and monitor a relative position of the first or subsequent objects such as container identification and product fill control
6078033Multi-zone induction heating system with bidirectional switching network
6064289Electromagnetic contactor with overload relay
6046447Triangulation position detection with fill level control
5959818Method and apparatus for self-powered three-phase sensing to determine true RMS current values with separate burdens for each current transformer
5777835Third phase reconstruction from a two current transformer sensor with three-phase true RMS and phase loss determination capabilities
5744793Triangulation position-detection and integrated dispensing valve
5573041Dispenser control with ultrasonic position detection