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Design Patents

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Sample Patents:
D691723Mobile X-Ray Unit With Integrated X-Ray Shield
D691424Wine Glass Insulator
D690221Finger Ring
D686641Compaction Cleat Assembly
D681214Medical Patient Table
D677387Ceiling Mounted cardiac Scanner
D630753Medical Imaging Scanner
D628699Medical Imaging Scanner
D628698Medical Imaging Scanner
D628297Medical Imaging Scanner
D623299Medical Imaging Scanner
D617817Tetra-Hex Inversion Compaction Cleat
D617351Horizontal Scissor Tip Compaction Cleat
D615563Movable Axle Guard For A Compactor Wheel
D588202Roulette Game
D575831Banked Air Hockey Table
D569695Planting Tool
D568416Game Table With Handle For Scrolling Games Thereacross
D567608Can Opener
D558276Roulette Game
D548802Roulette Game
D543456Bottle Cap
D523490Handle for hand tool
D520077Game table
D514421Game table
D504547Hummingbird feeder shade
D498774Grill of a welder
D486278Hummingbird feeder shade
D475979Gantry control panel
D467492Retainer clip
D456013Contactor base
D438550Router bit
D437778Dart case
D430856Circuit board
D416484Billiard accessories package
D411449Dart package